Week 2

This week I have set aside for exploring design styles and artists/ designers I wish to be informed by, and create some initial design artwork.

The artist Sarah Gordon has some amazing illustrative hand painted studies, I really love her technique and bold and exciting use of colour! I am keen to take forward Gordon’s amazing use of mark making within her intricate studies.

Natasha Coverdale is another artist and creator I have been following recently! She creates to most gorgeous designs that she sells as prints, embroidery pieces and fabrics, and has also recently collaborated with ‘LICK’, to create 4 amazing wallpapers.

Lastly, a designer I have been a huge fan of for years, Josef Frank. I adore his work, I am drawn to the intricate designs that all seem to be weaving in and out of each other, his use of creative and bold colour combinations and his massive range of design styles. I am keen to take forward his use of colour and form to my designs.

After looking on WGSN for colour trends I have set upon the ‘Lifestyle’s and Interiors colour forecast, A/W 22/23 AWESTRUCK’. I was drawn to the opportunity for two contrasting colour schemes, both bold and exciting but one bright and colourful and the other a lot more muted.

Some initial gouache studies, created by combining multiple Scandinavian plants and flowers. I am really enjoying playing with colour and creating these complex compositions that I think will work really well in repeat! Taking these compositions forward, like Sarah Gordon’s work, I have then added additional detail by creating marks with lots of colour.

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