Week 4

I began this week trying to come up with alternate design styles that can go in my collection. I have been wanting to push my drawing an ability for a while and I started to explore the possibility of creating line work designs. Below are some examples of market research featuring line work.

I really love this combination of pieces below from the Romo ‘Gardenia’ collection. I am drawn to the dramatic half drop repeated design that features a single illustration of a flower. Looking at the image below, the 4 different prints, all in different design styles, look good together and complement each other.

Romo- Gardenia Collection

This week consisted of a wide range of design development, looking at Line work, creating silhouettes, gouache and watercolour painting and creating design sheets. I have enjoyed this as I has aloud me to play and experiment. I think the silhouette is unsuccessful, as well as the watercolour with overdrawn lines. I do think the line work compositions are strong though and think would compliment my existing design ideas. At the end is an image of large scale gouache flower illustrations. I plan on combining these with my existing gouache compositions to create difference of scales within my designs.

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