Week 5

This weeks market research has consisted of Stationery and interiors. It is my intention too create a coordinating stationery collection to go along side my interiors, I have been looking into different options of design layouts for my stationery products. Boarders, having design build up the page, all over patterns with options to have a small cute out section for the heading.

I have had a quick play with creating two contrasting notebook ideas, looking at using borders. Using both watercolour and gouache to create a ditsy all over print in watercolour, and metallic paints with gouache to create a silhouette pattern. I see the watercolour being very successful but I don’t want to stop myself from developing, I am going to continue to develop the designs and start creating compositions in a few more weeks.

This week I have also been looking at alternative options for coordinating designs. Aswell as florals, I have been looking at plants and leaves, there is a wide variety of leaf shape, size and pattern in Scandinavian plants and I am planning on creating a design purely based around the leaves.

Composition is a big thing to think about and having exploring different options throughout market research, I am drawn to all over prints, where the leaves all overlap each other and climbing leaves, where all the plants climb up the wallpaper.

I have had a quick play with this idea, using watercolour I was able to see how the plants would fit around each other when creating a climbing wallpaper. To develop this I will create a worksheet of Scandinavian leaves and put them into repeat using photoshop.

Ditsy leaves by me

One of my most successful designs from last semester was my ditsy all over print, featuring small plant illustrations from Scandinavia, see above. I would love to create another one of these using my new imagery in my current painting style. I have really enjoyed creating this design work skeet, playing with marks and colour. I see this design working for stationery products but also for a kids interior, as I see it being really fun and playful with the colours and marks.

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