Week 6

I am starting this week looking at Isik Guner, after purchasing her book, ‘Botanical illustration from life’ I am drawn to her amazing drawing and painting skills. Her main strength is her iconic realistic botanical paintings, but I am obsessed with her illustrative line drawings.

Reflecting upon her work, I have started to create small individual illustrations of Scandinavian plants. Previously in my project, I created some line studies in compositions, I think it makes sense to create them individually, this way I can fully explore each individual plant then piece them together in compositions later.

Line drawings inspired by Isik Guner

I am really enjoying creating these illustrations, unintentionally whilst I was drawing, I was putting the names of each of the plants underneath, I was doing this purely for my own benefit of reminding me which plant it is. However, I thought that keeping the name of the plants actually creates a fun, educational side to the design. This could be perfect for a children’s collection but also would look fun on wall hangings (see below), as well as tea towels, notebooks?

After creating individual illustrations, I started to think of how they could create designs, being an all over print, using branches to connect them all and climb up the wall or create bouquets. Below are some examples of market research I have looked at that explore each of these possibilities, my favourites being the bouquets and climbing branches.

Whilst exploring drawing these bouquets, I started to create these small mini bouquets, I love these as they are so ditsy and delicate, they’d work in repeat well, however also work on stationery item such as notebooks, cards and gift-wrap!

While creating these, I decided to play around with colour and media, adding gouache and watercolour in with the line drawings has created a complete different look to the design. Adding the bold colour to these mini bouquets I think is really effective and ties all my design together.

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