Week 7

A key influence for me this project, is the work of and designer Josef Frank. I think his designs are so innovative and different to anything else on the market. He also features designs on a whole range of products and surfaces.

Josef Frank

I love the style of painting on the wallpapers and fabrics, I see my painting style being extremely similar. Going into the print room this week, I had prepared a screen that features 6 colours, meaning 6 separate screens for registered screen printing. I LOVE doing this process as I find the result to individual, especially when you don’t line yer screens up exactly and you see other colours coming through.

The images above are of a print I did using use one of the six screens. Printing onto this sheer fabric, I was able to gain a silhouette effect, giving me the opportunity for additional patterns and marks to be layered underneath.

Below is my six coloured print, in two colour ways! I am so happy with the result, it was definitely worth the time spent! The colour combinations I think have worked really well, and the proportions show how changing them slightly give the design a completely different look!

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