Week 9

Busy and fun week this week! My week started off with a whole day in the print room, by myself! I had so much fun experimenting with colours and fabric to print my designs on. I created some prints to go within my kitchen collection, working on the idea for table linens and curtains.

Working on my line work studies, I decided to print the same design on two very different fabrics, a medium weight canvas and an organza. Both prints turned out perfect!

Organza print

Later on in the week was the University of Bolton’s virtual fair, there were guest speakers of a past graduate, Debbie Buchan from ‘AVA CAD CAM’, and Kieth and Mark from ‘Mini Moderns’. The whole fair was amazing, was a quick tutorial of AVA and hearing Kieth and Mark talk about the prints were amazing!

This week I have also been playing around with different plant and flower shapes and looking at creating a ditsy print idea. I had a really good day as I usually really struggle with colour ways and creating fun and exciting combinations, however, I created these four and I absolutely LOVE them. I think the are so different but also work really well together. My personal favourite being the bottom, blue and dark orange one. I have never worked with these colours before but I think they’re so striking and look amazing as a combination.

Lastly, on Friday, I had a session working on AVA in uni. I created this wallpaper/ bedding design idea, I am super happy with how it has turned out. I especially like the subtle stripe that I have created using the indiviual flowers. I found the actual forming of the composition quite difficult as I am not very good at AVA yet, layering the objects was tricky and cutting out sections was also hard to do. with more practice, I hope to get better at AVA.

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