Week 10

Images of painted pages using emulsion, painted with a dry brush. I individually scanned parts of them in, then used the clone tool to create an all over texture wallpaper. To create different colour ways I changed the modes of the textured layer to interact with the background colour. I think this print has worked out extremely well, looking at collection so far, I have a lot of bold floral prints that would be a feature in a room, I think my collection needs this print for coordinating with others.

Seeing how successful the textured print is, I decided that my ditsy print was far too simple and needed another layer adding to the background. Using the wand tool in photoshop I selected use one colour of the texture and layered this behind the floral layer. I know this is a very subtle effect but I think it woks well and adds something else to the design.


Also this week I decided to start looking at designing my ceramic collection. In the past I have found it hard to do this and struggled when coming to composition ideas. To start designing I looked at lots of market research first. Looking across a range of sites, I was drawn to M&S, Habitat and La Redoute for composition of imedrgry ideas.

The plate idea below I think is really successful and could work well on a large and smaller plate. the individual sections of the plants will be easy to apply to the ceramics as they should have movement so won’t crease. The think blue painted line round the edge however I don’t think will be achievable.

Below are some of my ideas for mug wraps, I like the idea of the plants growing from the bottom of the mug, so the first idea I think will be most effective. Obviously the colours of the second one would need to be changed, but I think the contrast in styles would be nice against the line work.

I LOVE this plate design, I know that having a full design for a plate will be harder to apply however this design I think is too nice to not use! I love the hand drawn florals together. To transfer this to use I think I will take it into illustrator and image trace it to get a more graphic bold pattern that won’t be too sketchy.

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