Week 11

Working through colour ways.

Colours always been something I have struggled to incorporate into my work, and I has let my designs down in the past. This semester it is important for me to push my colour use and get myself out of my comfort zone.

Looking at market research, I can really see how much colour can change and effect a piece. The Ada cushion by ROMO really shows the variety of looks and outcomes of styles you can achieve by simply changing the colour. This week I have really tried to experiment with colours and get some of my deigns to stand out for their use of colour.


The above piece is my ditsy all over fabric and I see being on bedding ranges. From previous posts I showed my colour ways, this week I wanted to elevate these and push some crazy new colour combinations for it. To get these colour palettes I looked at a range of market research of prints where I though their use of colour stood out. Prints by Natasha Coverdale, Cole & Son and Edinburgh Weavers were used as inspiration.

Above are the images of the Flora Stripe design I created using AVA CAD CAM. Being inspired by the wallpaper below from World Of Wallpaper, I loved the was the dots made the design less harsh on the background. I also like how the fits have made the flowers become invisible and interstate with the dots.

I have also tried to experiment with colour ways for this design, adding more vibrant bright pinks and touches of lime have really made the pieces stand out a little more and look less bland.

World of Wallpaper

Having drawn the images for the print below ages ago, I thought I should put them into repeat! I’m so surprised at how good the print has turned out to be, seeing as though, putting the names under the flowers was a complete accident and were purely there to help my verify which drawing was which plant. I think the print works externally well and I see it being perfect for any kitchen fabric or wallpaper.

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