Week 12

Following on from my successful line work studies and designs, I drew two large floral bouquets, using a range of different plants and flowers, mixing up small and large illustrations to result in two beautiful studies. Not knowing what to do with them, I didn’t want to repeat my other bouquet design and place them next to each other in a block repeat, I repeated and repeated the two bouquets and just overlaid them. Although I did again use a simple block repeat, I think the outcome looks really complex and not an obvious repeated structure.

These mini floral bouquets are some drawings that I actually did a few weeks ago and never found a design idea that suited them. I looked at use putting them in a simple repeat or a diagonal pattern but the outcome was always far too simple and plain.

While experimenting with layouts I duplicated all three bouquets and went to put them side by side, but where the commuter pasted them was slightly overlapping, which created a very complex and detail composition. I didn’t like this at first as I thought it looked overly messy.

This week I also wanted to try and come up with a textural marked design, Here are a few of the different design pattern styles I created swatches off. I didn’t like how any of these looked right away. The bottom right picture I think was most successful, it wasn’t util I scanned it in and changed the colours I thought it could be part of a design.

Here are the two components together, the outcome of this design is so much better than I thought it could be, its so busy and complex, I see this working for upholstery fabrics or curtain fabrics.

My ditsy floral print that I created a couple weeks ago, I have altered and changed it a number of times now and I am still now completely happy with it. After wanting to change the colours again, I decided also that I wanted to add extra detail into the plain bold colours on the leaves and petals. I did this by using a Wacom pen and board and went over using the pen tool on photoshop. I really enjoyed doing this as this was the first time using a Wacom, I really enjoyed the freedom of being able to draw and edit drawing digitally.

Adding extra detail to this design I think has made a huge difference, I see this design being very similar to the work of Sarah Gordon, her work has extra small added details and marks. My inspiration behind this piece was a print by Edinburgh Weavers, see image below, I think the idea of have smaller floral design inside flowers is so cool and adds conversation to the print.

Edinburgh Weavers- Morton

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